Frequently Asked Questions

What is AND?

We are creating an industry leading music distribution platform. Delivering maximum value at reasonable costs without artificial limits.

How can I sign up?

We're invite only for now while we grow, but you can register your interest on the homepage.

Who runs AND?

Aaron, Nick and Dave. Between us we have a wealth of experience designing & building software. Aaron & Nick have ran record labels, and Dave produces music.

How can you offer such low fees?

We're climbing the chain to cut out as many middle-men as possible, and automating the process. We believe you should only be paying for what benefits you as an artist. Also, we operate in a non-profit fashion. If we're making profit, it means artists aren't - and that's not what art deserves.

What happens if I stop paying the subscription fee?

We will not take down your music. Instead we will lock your account from uploading new music and take 15% of royalties generated from your account until you resubscribe. This policy is subject to change as we are still in the beta period.

Is there a minimum payout threshold?

Yes. Our payout threshold is $20 USD. This is to help mitigate the impact of transaction fees which we pay on our end so that you receive the exact amount reported by digital storefronts.